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VOX  HUMBQLDT.                   263
Ms admiration, among these principally a head by
Carlo Dolce.
From Heidelberg, probably on the 28th of Septem-
ber-, he wrote to Forster, " Do you think sometimes of
the fortnight I spent with you ? It was perhaps tlie
happiest period in my life, and the remembrance of
it even yet affords me great enjoyment. I harmonise
with no one as I do with you ; and it is my great
pride that all this came of itself without exterior aid,
that I owe your friendship only to yourself; for it
shows me that you deena me worthy of you, and you
can indeed not feel how much that thought is to me.
ITor you cannot know how I admire the fruitful pro-
fusion of ideas which occur to you on every occasion,
the lively clearness with which you express them ; how
I honour your zeal for the good and the true, and your
consideration for what others esteem good and true;
and how tenderly I love the heart which so readily
opens itself, and gladdens others by love. And yet
you should know all this, in order to feel fully what
you are to me."
In Heidelberg he remained some days, and made
some new friends., and proceeded thence to Tubingen.,
"whence he writes, on the 28th September, of the im-
pression which the scenery of Heidelberg made on
him, in words which may rank with the best descrip-
tions which poets have made of this singularly beau-
tiful spot, in prose or versa. "The view from the
castle of Heidelberg pleased me more than any other
I had seen in. these districts. The shores of the Rhine
below Mayence, even where they are most b£antiful3
near Bingen and St. Goar? have always a certain uni-
formity, always vinebergs or naked rocks; and the
neighbourhood of Hayenee is pleasing enough, aad
varied., but does not form a whole. But at Heidel-
berg., the neighbouring high mountains on the shores
of the ISTeckar, with the town at their base, form a
great and beautiful group. There is tree character
in this view, and the impression it leaves on the soul
is profound and enduring/'